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Workshop on Portfolio Construction and Management

Portfolio Management is an integral part of Investment advisory process, once the investment strategy is defined based on the long term and short term financial goal, the next step lies in identifying the asset classes and setting up the right mix of asset allocation with rebalancing at the right time to optimize the level of risk and return. The level of skill required in the above activity is nowhere less than constructing a comprehensive Financial Plan and plays an important role in delivering right kind of advice to the client


The objective of the workshop to enable the participants to create an optimum portfolio comprising various asset classes towards the requirement of their clients, track it and rebalancing it as per the requirements. Advance risk and return metrics ( CAGR, holding Period return Standard Deviation, Beta, Sharpe, Treynor,Jensen,Alfa, CAPM, Security market Line) and their measurement and uses will be covered in the workshop.


The workshop will be hands on in nature, with each participant expected to make his/her own portfolio and track it for minimum six quarters using the workshop, participants will be expected to work on the live data and feeds from the stock markets.

  • Well designed workshop with an aim to make you an expert in Portfolio     Construction and Management.
  • Develop a Portfolio yourself with Scenarios and Case Sample Portfolio with Standard Template.
  • Get a self help user manual with detailed step to create a portfolio manager and tracker Learn to create CAGR, Standard Deviation, Holding Period Return Calculators, Calculate the Market Risk (Beta) of your own portfolio.
  • Use of Advance Excel Functions like Recording Macros, Data Tables , Goal Seek etc to present the data and analysis in an innovative format
  • Learn to calculate the returns, accumulated value, paid up Value and maturity Value on an Insurance Policy (templates for the same will also be provided)
  • Trainer with vast experience in training financial services professionals ranging from B-School Students to AGM level professionals in reputed financial institutions across the country for last 10 years
  • SIP calculators, with option for Step up and increasing SIP with and without Portfolio Rebalancing  with Templates
  • Analysis of Loans and Credit Products like credit cards


 Portfolio Construction and tracking on a spreadsheet, Risk and return- CAGR, Beta, Standard Deviation, Duration, Modified Duration, Convexity,  Cases and Scenarios, Insurance Paid up, Surrender Value and Return Calculation


Entrepreneurs: This workshop is suitable for entrepreneurs who are running the Financial Advisory/Planning firm or wish to run a firm.
Corporate: Corporate working in Wealth Management/Portfolio Management/ Research and Advisory Division/ Insurance & MF Advisors.
Professionals: Candidates pursuing CFP Program, CFPCM Practitioners, CFAs, CAs, CS’, ICWA, MBA- Finance, IFAs, Financial Planner aspirants etc.
Students: Students Pursuing or planning to pursue CFP, CWM , CIWM, CCRA or NISM Series X “A” or X “B” Certification will find this workshop very useful