CFP - Distance Learning Program

Course Detail
CFP - Distance Learning Program


This program is suitable for the candidates who are not able to attend the classroom program either because of their busy working schedule or because of their location which makes the training program inaccessible to them.

The training program is in user friendly format with self to-do modules and instructions and detailed explanatory notes of all the concepts and questions covered in the program.

The Module is divided in three parts and delivered to the candidate preferably one after the other so that there is a particular sequence in learning and candidate can make full use of the training program.

Given below are the details of the program

1. Part I- Introduction and orientation to financial mathematics: In this module, the basic concepts and functions pertinent to financial mathematics are covered which are useful in solving the problems later in the course.

2. Part II- Module Wise Exam Like Questions: In this module, individual exam like questions are covered in details, this includes the latest questions from Investment, Insurance, retirement, Taxation and Estate Planning along with questions focusing on the concepts which are being asked in the examination.

3. Part III- Mock test papers: More than 15 questions are provided for each of five case studies of FPSB India along with detailed solutions so that the student is exam ready before going to the exam.

Doubt Solving Support:

  • Doubt solving support is provided for which a student can set up an appointment with the faculty on Phone/Skype/ e mail or use an online platform to solve the doubts.

Classroom Fee Waiver:

  • In case the student further wishes to go for our classroom program, only the difference amount ( Classroom Fees – Distance Learning Fees) is payable .


For more details please contact Ms. Swati Kedia at / or call up at 9820824446/9004103830 / 9820824446