CFP - Classroom Program

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CFP - Classroom Program


The Training Program is designed as per the NEW PATTERN OF EXAMINATION and consist of latest Exam like questions. The new exam pattern is easier to handle with the help of excel rather than financial calculator, with it being observed that students using excel have higher chances of clearing the exam than those using calculators. The use and importance of the Excel and Open Office Spreadsheets in the examination environment would be explained in detail.

Given below are the details of the program

1. Part I- Introduction and orientation to financial mathematics :In this module, the basic concepts and functions pertinent to financial mathematics are covered which are useful in solving the problems later in the course.

2.Part II- Module Wise Exam Like Questions: In this module, individual exam like questions are covered in details, this includes the latest questions from Investment, Insurance, retirement, Taxation and Estate Planning along with questions focusing on the concepts which are being asked in the examination.

3.Part III- Mock test papers:More than 15 questions are provided for each of five case studies of FPSB India along with detailed solutions so that the student is exam ready before going to the exam.

Program Features:

  • Latest Exam Like Questions on real time basis.
  • Examination Simulation through case studies posted on FPSB India website.
  • 150 question workbook on the latest pattern of the examination with online solutions.
  • Trainer has worked with Knowledge Management of FPSB India.
  • Training on MS. Excel and Open Office software as expected in the exam environment.
  • Interactive mode where the participants will have to solve the questions themselves.
  • A comprehensive 2 day programme with post programme doubt solving support till the exam is cleared.


Anshul Srivastava, CFPCM has worked with FPSB India in Knowledge Management and has been instrumental in designing and delivering the Challenge Status training workshop at FPSB India which has received recognition and appreciation. He is an accomplished trainer and has conducted training programmes at reputed organisations in Financial Services. Along with being a Certified Financial Planner Anshul possesses MBA from IMT Ghaziabad, one of the reputed B- Schools of the country and certification in Financial Modelling and is a student member of Institute of Actuaries, India.

Anshul Srivastava

Senior Teacher